What to do on your next free Saturday in London, Ontario

If you ask a millennial who was born and raised in London, Ontario to give their opinion on the city, 9 times out of 10 they’ll say something negative. I’m guilty of that. I use to talk so much trash about London until I left for a few months. It took leaving to really realize that London isn’t that bad. There is a lot of nature and greenery to enjoy, especially on a warm and sunny day. I found I took this for granted when going to larger cities that didn’t have nearly as many trees. There may not be as much to do in London compared to a bigger city like Toronto, but you can still have a fun day with your friends. Here are some activities I like to do on a Saturday in London!

Saturday Morning

The Market at Western Fair District

I went to The Market at Western Fair District for the first time a few weekends ago and really enjoyed it. There are a ton of vendors with a variety of products, including local fresh produce, baked goods, sweets, dog treats, homemade candles, locally owned clothing brands, and even furniture. Prices are fair for what you’re paying for, and it’s always a good idea to support local! My own haul included a giant loaf of sourdough, a vegan cupcake, sweet & spicy tofu, cashew cheese, and red kale! All the vendors were very nice and I’ll definitely be going back.

Me and my Lemon Friend

Fire Roasted Cafe

Do you want some fresh, quality coffee? Go to Fire Roasted. If you’re like me and always in various states of tiredness, then you’re probably gonna need a solid cup of coffee at some point in the day. Each cafe gives you the desired coffee shop aesthetic, they have friendly staff, and fair pricing. It’s not the cheapest cup of coffee you’re gonna get but it’s local and fresh. The coffee is much fresher because the beans are roasted right here in London. Also, Fire Roasted coffee is Fairtrade certified. This means that the beans are sourced ethically and the farmers are paid a fair price (check this page for more info). It’s definitely better than paying a lot for corporate coffee. They have a few locations in London – I usually go to the King St. location, but they are also at the market as mentioned earlier!

Saturday Afternoon

V Food Spot

I would eat at V Food Spot every day of my life if I could. It is by far one of the best vegan food spots in the city (IMO). Everything I have tried thus far has been delicious. My usual go to are the wings and mozzarella stix, but you could pick anything on the menu and be satisfied. The customer service here is amazing, they are so friendly and really seem to care about the food they’re making! It’s inside of a laundromat which makes it kinda difficult to go with a ton of friends due to little seating (but the physical location is very nice and hip). Unfortunately I don’t drive so it takes two bus rides to get there, which is probably for the best, otherwise I would 100% spend all my money and time there. You gotta eat here.

Go For a Walk Downtown and Through The Park

You should always take advantage of a sunny day and spend some time outside. Hanging out and walking around is a great way to get that Vitamin D! You can hit up little local shops downtown like Filthy Rebena, Grooves Records, and any other little shop that might catch your eye. Then, you can grab a drink or food and bring it to a park to lay around and enjoy. You can have a picnic with your friends or on your own in Victoria Park or Harris Park. Take advantage of the Forest City! 

Saturday Night

Dinner with Ingredients from The Market

I know this isn’t specific to London, but I wanted to include that you don’t have to go out for food to have a good time. Why don’t you just stay home and make some dinner with your friends using your new fresh ingredients from the market? My partner and I used our red kale to make some delicious cheesy kale chips and a stir-fry with our new sweet & spicy tofu. I honestly don’t like cooking (I’m really trying to get into it). It can be easier when you have someone to cook with, plus you’ll probably save money not going out to eat.

Fresh Sourdough from Downie Street Bakehouse in The Market at Western Fair District

Grab a Drink at a Bar Downtown

I’m not a huge partier, but I do like to get dressed up and go out on a Saturday night once in a while. I prefer to go to a chill bar that I can sit down at a table with a group of friends rather than having to shout just to hear one another. Everyone knows the usual go-to spots like Molly Blooms, Poachers Arms, and Milos. Those places are great, but I wanted to mention a lesser known spot. The Runt Club is a cozy bar on Albert St. with great prices. It’s perfect to grab a couple of drinks and unwind after the long work week with your pals. My boyfriend and I spent less than $14 after tip on two beers. Check it out on your next night out with your gang.

To Sum Up ..

You can certainly have a good time in London. No need to constantly complain and fantasize of living in Toronto or Montreal. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to those places, but London isn’t a dead end either. There are a number of ways that you can have fun here. If you have a solid friend group, anywhere you go presents the opportunity to have a good time. Comment below your fav places to go in the city or your ideal Saturday. I love to try new things. Remember, no matter where you live if you don’t put in the effort to have a good time, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Talk Soon!

Em. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for writing this! You’ve inspired me to take advantage of my day off today. Maybe I’ll see you around town? ? We really love to adventure through Westminster Ponds with our dog and observe the wildlife while speaking up the sunshine.

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