No Waste: How I Keep Old Clothes Relevant

As a recovering shopaholic, I have built quite the collection of clothing over the years. While I’m beginning to go through it and donate/sell clothing I no longer wear, I have rediscovered pieces that I’ve had for years. In today’s post, I am going to write about five different pieces of clothing that I have had for a very long time and how I keep them modern. As a disclaimer, they are all from fast-fashion retailers and were purchased long before I became committed to slow fashion. I will not name the brands because I don’t want to support them. The pieces are very basic and similar items are easily accessible. It’s surprising that low-quality clothes would last such a long time, but that is likely from light wear. Also, a few of the pieces are from when the brands made higher quality clothing before getting popular and going cheap. For example, back in the day before Topshop was as popular, I bought a really amazing pair of jeans that lasted a long time. When I went to buy a pair of jeans in their height of popularity, I couldn’t believe how thin and poorly stitched they were. Anyway,  Let’s get started!

Little Black Dress

Before almost every formal event I used to immediately search the web for a new outfit or dress to buy. As if I can’t be seen in the same dress I wore to last event I had. When my university graduation was approaching, I spent hours online looking for the perfect dress but couldn’t find anything I liked. That’s when I decided to search my closet for older pieces I could wear. To my surprise, my high school grad dress still fit and looked brand new. I didn’t care if I already had photos wearing the dress. I added a belt and a pair of bright yellow heels to give the dress a bit of a refresh. 

Graduation 2014
Graduation 2018


Perfect Pair of Blue Jeans

I bought this pair of blue jeans in 2013. They are still as soft as the day I bought them and haven’t faded much from their original colour. They are slightly bigger than my normal waist size, but thats okay because my weight is always fluctuating. Yet, they are the perfect length, fit my thighs, and make my butt look amazing. These jeans are a unique take on a perfect blue jean and look great in both modern and retro looks. I’ve done my best to take care of these jeans so that they last a long time. I don’t have to buy new jeans all the time because I have a perfectly good pair. I save money and reduce waste, win-win! 


Beige Sweater

This is an extremely basic beige sweater that honestly looks good with anything. It is cropped right at my waist and can be worn with a pair of dress pants for work or my blue jeans for a casual day. It’s nice to include muted colours in your wardrobe that aren’t black or white. They still look good with almost all your clothes but will give your look a little bit more warmth. Trendy clothes are fun, but you wear them for about a month and then never touch it again. Buying classic pieces or taking care of the basic pieces you already have will be much more worthwhile for the earth and your wallet.



(Faux) Leather Jacket

Finding a decent quality, nice fitting, and faux leather jacket took me a long time. I found this one and I’ve had it for probably 5 years now. It’s just starting to show some wear (if you have any suggestions for a new one to buy please let me know!). You can find me living in this jacket during all of the fall and on cool spring mornings. I wear a lot of black and dark colours and the jacket works with the majority of my outfits. For me, a faux leather jacket is an absolute staple in my wardrobe for any edgy look. Trends change but a leather jacket will never go out of style. Certainly worth an investment. 


High Top Converse

Do a pair of Converse ever go out of style? I have had this particular pair of high top off-white Chucks (and I’m not kidding) since Grade 7. I’ve just kept them in pretty good shape and made sure not to wear them through dirt and mud. I will go through phases where I wear them all the time or not at all, but I always find my way back to them. They are a super versatile shoe that I can wear for a street look or on leg day at the gym (I like wearing them on leg day because the flat sole allows for greater stabilization when doing workouts like squats or deadlifts). Another disclaimer, Converse is owned by Nike. Probably not the best ethical purchase new (check out Good On You’s Report on Nike) but, you can find lightly-worn converse from consignment stores online or in your city. Alternatively, take really good care of the ones you probably bought back in elementary like me!


What’s The Point?

Basically, I wanted to make this post to show you why you should try to buy timeless pieces that will last you a long time. Blue jeans will always be in style. So why not take care of one pair and make them last a long time instead of buying a new pair every year? This way you can cut down on your clothing waste and save your money. I will admit, I’m not perfect and don’t always take the best care of my clothes. Sometimes I wash an item in the washing machine that should be hand washed and I later pay the consequences with a damaged shirt. We can all do our best and change our habits for the greater good!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing the items I’ve had forever. Leave a comment telling me about the most worn or oldest items in your wardrobe.

Talk to ya later,

Em. 🙂

Featured Image: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “No Waste: How I Keep Old Clothes Relevant

  1. Such a great post! I still have 2 cross-body bags I’ve had FOREVER (probably 10 years???). They’re still in good shape and serve their purpose so I’ll likely be keeping them until they fall apart. Also, tailoring and mending can really save you from buying new. I recently had 4 pairs of pants mended and now they’re part of my regular rotation. They were untouched for months from easy-to-fix tears or broken zippers. Keep posting, I love your articles.?

    1. Cross-body bags are awesome, def keep them so that you don’t have to buy any more in the future! I think people too often throw away their clothes when they are worn. Tailoring and mending is such a good idea, thank you for sharing ?☺️

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